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What does it mean????
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In case you haven't noticed, I've continued my looooong absence from the art world.

It ends today! My lovely office-provided steno pad has become a haven for new arts. I bring you the finest offering I have, which is none other than the oft-drawn Dream King himself. He has invaded my dreams as of late, and my steno pad. I thought it would be amusing to attempt a colorpaint after months away, so I did. With my bitty laptop mouse no less! I was too lazy to dig out my tablet, but if this is going to be a habit, it will be dusted off and hooked up so proper arts may be made.

More to come...
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I'm home! After my year-long exile in the UK, I am now back in the US and making my way in Los Angeles. It's good to be home.

At *some* point I will upload the doodles from the past few months, and will eventually get back into the swing of regular arts and photos.
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Since I am officially lacking in the scanner department (it had to be left back home in the states when I moved to the UK), I'm going to have to take pictures of things I've been doing lately and *hope* the quality is good enough.

In related news, welcome to the first installment of the MA notebook series!

Coloring at 11.
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So, about the not updating since June...*cough* sorry. Anyhoo, I actually JUST got finished filming a 2 minute "self-portrait" project for one of my film classes (the Screen Media part of my Archaeology for Screen Media MA :P) and it's actually pretty bitchin.

What did I do? I filmed myself doing Nyu's Art Meme for 2 minutes!!

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It's up! omgz! There were a few more steps than there needed to be (namely doing all the editing and whatnot on 1 laptop and then emailing it to this one for the final stages and uploading) but it's up! Just a sketch at the moment, but hopefully I'll have some time to get coloring and make into something worthwhile.

Here's the story behind this one: I was bored out of my skull at work (Borders) a few days ago and came across a book that was more or less "Real Pirates" in title. I flipped through it and came across a small section on female pirates...well, just the main 2 really. Anne Bonnie and Mary Read. There was a truly ridiculous engraving of Anne Bonnie attacking some guy, and I had to laugh because the engraving itself was pretty shit and they had her opening her shirt to show that yes, she was a woman because here were her bosoms. And then I had an idea! I'm not putting a *spoiler warning* here because I don't feel like it! So if the plan for POTC 4 is to head over to the mighty land known as Florida with Jack Sparrow, and with the whole "10 years later" thing it would make it 17somethingorother, what a perfect opportunity to introduce some American pirates! Specifically a one Anne Bonnie and/or Mary Read before they teamed up and became famous. Good idea, no? Since the dates don't really matter, it could be a slightly younger version of (here) Anne Bonnie, having just set out in the world of piracy from her priviledged life in one of those plantation colonies (Virginia, I want to say). Anyhoo, I think it opens many doors for adventures and antics and dammit, I could totally rock that role!! After I finish my MA of course...

But yes. In conclusion, I would like to give a special shout out to my dad for helping me move yesterday, my full-length mirror for helping with figure reference matters, and to my special white shirt for attempting to help me get the cloth folds right. It's still a work in progress, but it's nothing more practice can't fix!
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New art on the horizon! It'll be up as fast as I can get it...which will all depend on how my *new* 2 computer setup works and how fast things go with the lack of a scanner...which is buried in a box somewhere either in the next room or in the garage. It WILL be up today!

Moving is fun! (not)
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So this year was ri-goddamn-diculous. I had so much crap going on that the most I could manage was some notebook doodles, ranging from random studies to some fairly elaborate uses of the mighty ballpoint pen :P
In any case, the year is is my undergraduate experience, so I have much more time now! I'll be scanning and uploading the better of my doodles and perhaps some will be made into something more exciting and elaborate. No promises ;)
But yes...there shall be more art and much less madness and/or drama, which is always a good thing.
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Look!! No seriously! Look! There's something new in my gallery for the first time in MONTHS.

It took a damn long time to make (from start to finish...with a large break during coloring to get food and see Happy Feet) and I'm rather proud of it *sniff*

True, I should have been typing any one of my 4 papers, but it was nice to disconnect for a while. Papers are consuming my life.

More art to come!
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Holy crap! I actually drew something worthy of further work!! I will post the initial sketch shortly. Final work will be posted in a few days (hopefully) depending on how much time I have this week and how little of it is taken up by Latin hw. You know how it goes =P
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Someday I will actually update my work. Today, however, is not that day. Tomorrow isn't looking good either.

Yes, that's right. I have had absolutely no time to create anything other than a notebook doodle. It's quite sad. Luckily there is a weekend coming up where I don't really have anything planned so I may be able to put that free time to use. Maybe =P
Something will be posted soon! I promise!!
Ooo Ahhh! A new doodle! Huzzah! *throws parade*

New piece a-comin'.  I just need to find time between multiple papers and department events to properly color it :shakefist:
Not putting any deadlines on this one, since I have no idea how much time I have or how much of said time will be consumed by papers of varying degrees of death.
Just a quickly done manip to keep things going between inspirational moments.  This one comes courtesy of the lovely book Wicked. I enjoyed it long before the musical or the hype and, seeing as green is my favorite color, it felt only right =P
More art to come soon (hopefully) as midterms will be done at the end of this week...Damn the midterms!!  :shakefist:
Sweet Jesus!
I's been much too long. Again, the blame is placed squarely on school *shakes fist angrily at the campus* But yes. Behold my first official attempt at photomanipulation! I think it came out pretty tasty for a first try =P

Huzzah! A new addition at last! It's a bit work-themed, but what the hell.
So yes, now that I am (and have been) back at school for a short bit, it came to my attention that I have a hell of a lot less time for drawing *sniff*

Hopefully I'll get some inspiration mid-class and those doodles can evolve into something more exciting =P

News for today: I get to go see Tutankhamun (and the increasingly inappropriately titled "golden age of the pharaohs" *snerk*) and sound like a total nutjob as I try to sound out the glyphs with my newly acquired ability to read said hieroglyphs. Hooray hieroglyphs! :dance:

The newest addition to the gallery is here!
And for that special someone who this was created for, Happy Birthday! I love you!!! :love::blowkiss:

Got another piece in the works...this one is a gift for my boyfriend :love:, so it's taking a little bit longer than I planned simply because I want it to be perfect =p
But yes, it should be up sometime this week!
Thanks to everyone who's commented and to the 82 awesome people who've wandered by my page so far!